SXSWedu 2018

SXSWedu Banner (WordPress)(Austin, Texas) Excited to be invited to SXSWedu this year as a part of the professional Mentor program. I will be ready to pick-apart curriculum and dream-up new strategies for teaching in the Arts, Social Sciences and Creative Media. Fellow Teaching & Learning enthusiasts – academics, tutors and learning designers – can stop by and get focused (and cheerful) advice around any of my areas of expertise:

  • Designing curriculum and learning strategies for the arts & social sciences
  • Leveraging digital media literacy skills to create 21C career pathways
  • Activating capstone experiences through media production and storytelling strategies


When: Tuesday March 6, from 3:30pm – 4:45pm
Where: Austin Convention Center, Room 11AB
Schedule Link:

Of course, I will be sticking around for SXSW Interactive to get my own research and creative juices flowing. I will be particularly looking forward to Bruce Sterling’s Annual Dystopian Sermon, Walter Isaacson’s chat about Leonardo da Vinci’s brain as well as what seems to be a program heaving with A.I. and automation as well as VR and AR tech.



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