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Mineral Machine Music, featured at Prism 16 at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, UK (July, 2014).

Mineral Machine Music, featured at Prism 16 at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield, UK (July, 2014).

A more comprehensive PDF of my most current CV (March, 2017) outlining my cultural, production and academic experiences can be downloaded here.


Screen Dance photographic essay, DSLR (2017)
Photography, Image Editing & Sequencing
Produced to accompany the presentation at the Screening Melbourne Symposium.


Goodwin (Feb 2017) Screen Dance series, Melbourne

Invasion Day photographic essay DSLR & Theta S 360 (2017)
Photography & Image Editing
Photographic assignment for The Koori Mail (Brisbane, Australia) to accompany the writer Jack Latimore on the Invasion Day March (January 26) from the Victorian Parliament House to Flinders Street Station. Printed in the February 8th 2017 edition.


Goodwin (Jan, 2017) Sereena Clanton, Invasion Day March, Flinders Street, Melbourne

Mineral Machine Music 1080P (9 min)  (2014)
Photographer, Sound Design & Editor
Mineral Machine Music has become a successful global touring artwork since its debut in Townsville in January 2014. Most significantly, it was shortlisted for the prestigious Lumen Digital Arts Prize in Cardiff in June 2014. The Lumen is recognised by the UK’s Guardian newspaper as the “The world’s pre-eminent digital art prize”. As a result of this shortlisting Mineral Machine Music was a part of the Lumen touring program that visited Cardiff, Amsterdam, Athens, the New York Institute of Technology on Broadway and will have a season at London’s famous Crypt Gallery beneath St Pancras’ church in May 2015. In December, the film was also shortlisted for the MADATAC06 video art award in Spain screening at the historic Palacio de Cibeles Auditorium in Madrid. Most recently Mineral Machine Music was selected from over 2500 works to feature in the 16th Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, Poland in May.

Line & Form photographic series (2014)
Digital prints on metallic paper
Lines” curated exhibition, Dark Room Gallery, Vermont, USA

Line & Form #06

Line & Form #06

Glitchaclysm 1080P (2 min)  (2012)
Image Extraction & Video Editor
Sampled screenshots from a content survey of Dystopian and apocalyptic cinema conducted for another work. The glitches which appear in this sequence are derived from scrappy interpolation of frames in MPEG4 files. The work developed from research into synaesthesia as explored by the Italian Futurists and Wolfgang Ernst’s ideas around the processes of signal delivery. Glitchaclysm (2012) was recently featured in the Glitch Moment(um) exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery in London.

Electroshock, DVCam (4min)  (2004/2012)
Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
Audio-Visual collaboration with musicians Lani & Sheri Motekaitis examining the ritualistic nature of medical treatment and the subsequent disorientation such experiences engender. Electroshock was selected for a curated exhibition of international video art for Electroprojections at G3 Artspace in Parkdale Victoria in September 2012.

Vonnegut’s Firfight Fuzz Box DVPAL (8 min)  (2011)
Remix & Video Editor
Video media installation.  Combination of found footage, film fragments, documentary snippets and web video.  Exhibited as a part of the Dark Euphoria exhibit at the eMerge Media Space.

My Endless Dystopian Summer Blockbuster 1080P (8 min)  (2011)
Remix, Glitch & Video Editor
Two channel video media installation.  Combination of found footage, film fragments and random glitch video frames.  Exhibited as a part of the Dark Euphoria exhibit at the eMerge Media Space.

Primary Propoganda HDSLR (12min)  (2011)
Photography & Video Editor
Four channel video media installation.  Shot on location in Tokyo and Townsville.  Exhibited as a part of the Dark Euphoria exhibit at the eMerge Media Space.

As I Stood Idly By 1080P (8min)  (2010)
Photography & Video Editor
Two channel video component for media installation with sound artist Steven Campbell.  Exhibited as a part of the James Cook University’s 40th Anniversary staff exhibition.  Toured Newcastle for the 2011 Electrofringe Festival.



Miss You – Kristy London, DVCam (4min)  (2004)
Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
Promotional video clip for Gold Coast Artist  Kristy London for her cover of the Rolling Stone’s Miss You.

Technophilia DVCam (100min)  (2003)
Writer/Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
Written as a non-linear narrative for eventual master onto a domestically compatible DVD player.  Using a web based interface the user will be able to navigate multiple lines of narrative at any one given moment as governed by the passing of time.  Inspired by Paul Virilio’s concept of the “accident of technology” (Pure War, 1987).

Musafari, DVCam (7min)  (2003)
Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
Written by Murwullimbah writer Gregor Manson, Musafari is a short film charting the psychological journey from Afghanistan to Brisbane of a young Afghani refugee couple.  The loss of their infant child during their escape from the conflict has disturbing emotional repercussions as they try to adjust to life in Australia.  Featuring an original score by Lani Motiekaitis and Sakhi Hazaa.

Johnny’s Parade, DVCam (12min)  (2002)
Writer/Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
A media based collage exploring the plight of the refugees in Australia.  Featuring two generations of Australians discussing their respective beliefs and political fears.  Featuring an original score by Lani Motiekaitis.

Under the Milky Way – George, DVCam Pro (5min)  (2001)
DV Photography & Digital Art
Live video clip filmed at the Healer in Brisbane.   Awarded the Griffith University Arts Prize (2001) and runner-up in the experimental category of the Gold Coast Film Fantastic Festival (2002).

Impermanence, DVCam (35min)  (2000)
DV Photography & Digital Art

Impermanence was a video art/poetry assemblage produced in collaboration with the Post Hoc Performing Word Company from Griffith University’s School of Arts on the Gold Coast. It was the final incarnation of a project which was first developed for the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 1998 and consequently toured the Brisbane Writers Festival (1999) and the Electrofringe Festival (2000) in Newcastle. Impermanence won the inaugural Evolution Arts Festival $10000 first prize in 2000 and went on to screen at the All That Glitters Exhibition at the Gold Coast Arts Centre.

Unre(a)d, DVCam (25min)  (2000)
Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
An interactive screen and stage based production which travelled to the Adelaide Fringe Festival and The Electro-fringe Festival in Newcastle.  Featuring performing poets and theatre actors interacting with projected images and suburban soundscapes.  Excerpts of Unre(a)d and an interview with myself and producer Sally Breen was featured on Triple J’s Creatures of the Spotlight.

Peturberance,  DVCam (20 min)  (1999)
Director, DV Photography & DV Editor
An interactive screen and stage based production which travelled to The Brisbane Writers Festival  & The National Young Writers Festival in Newcastle.  This was my first collaboration with the performing poets, The Post Hoc Performing Word Company.

Roar,  35mm (26 x 52 min/ episodes)  (1997 – 1998)
Art Department, Set Decorator
A 26 episode series by Universal Pictures which was screened locally and in the United States on the Fox network. For trivia buffs: Roar was the American debut of Heath Ledger (The Dark Knight) and also featured Vera Famiga (The Departed).


(1996 – 2005)

Griffith University, School of Arts Website  (2005)
Web Authoring & Design
An extensive site built to reflect the clash of cultures – the transient, neon, tourista, beach enclave and the urban underbelly of a young vibrant network of creatives.  The brief was simply to take this relationship to the extreme, to resist the clean sparse designs of similar sites by the tertiary arts sector and capitalise on the moody shades of the glitter strip.

Griffith University, Research Website  (2005)
Web Authoring & Design
School of Arts Research site required an altogether different feel – much more conservative in its visual style and more conventional with regards to navigation.  Commissioned as an information portal, mainly for external academics, funding bodies and/or government departments.

Buy Golf Balls  (2005)
Web Authoring & Design
Site for a company that sells second hand golf balls fished out of lakes in the United States then imported into Australia and sold to middle aged gentleman dressed in pastel outfits circa 1983.

Ladybird  (2004)
Photography & Album Art
Promotional material for Gold Coast band Ladybird; brief included photo shoot, logo design and album cover art.

Caxton Street Catering (4 mins)  (2002)
DV Editor & Digital Authoring
Promotional Video and CDROM for Caxton Street Catering’s annual food and fashion exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art, Fortitude Valley.

Tradelink  (8mins)  (2001)
Director & DV Editor
National in-house training video for Tradelink staff and management. Distributed nationally to over 170 outlets.

How to Live Your Dreams  (45mins)  (2001)
DV Photography, DV Editor and Mastering
An instructional video for business operators and entrepreneurs on behalf of Brendan Nichols Seminars.  Released in the United States as a learning/ motivational tool.

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