Student & Staff Feedback

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The following feedback was provided directly through formal reviews of my teaching by colleagues and indirectly by Media Design students in class evaluations conducted by internal JCU staff review processes. I have included a spread of this feedback to provide a broad impression of how my curriculum design, assessment methods and teaching practice have been received by others.


Teaching Survey Feedback - Anonymous NM1102 2009

Student Teaching Survey Feedback – Anonymous NM1102 2009


Staff Feedback :: Teaching Citation Review (March, 2011)

I feel that Mitch’s focus on creating a vibrant, public and visible culture within the school and the Townsville community has helped the students immensely in their journey to becoming practicing artists who value the need to be not only competent in their craft but confident in how they present themselves to industry.

(Dr Katja Fleischmann,  Senior Lecturer Media Design)



Teaching Survey Feedback - Anonymous NM2101 2008

Student Teaching Survey Feedback – Anonymous NM2101 2008


Staff Feedback :: Performance Review (October 2010)

Since appointment in early 2008, Mr Mitch Goodwin has made a major contribution to the School of Creative Arts and across several key areas. His teaching, curriculum design and passion for student learning and engagement is exemplary and which is evidenced in his SFS and SFT reports and which I have regularly observed in curriculum workshops and discussions. Mitch was recently appointed as the Bachelor of New Media Arts degree co-ordinator on the basis of his significant and ongoing contribution to the design of the degree and in terms of his passion for the currency of degree content and planned graduate outcomes.

Mitch has made a major contribution to the school in the areas of community partnerships and engagement activities. The social and cultural life of the School has improved significantly since his appointment…  Mitch has continued to foster a culture of student/staff interaction and positive working relationships, having initiated the “Creative Arts Student Association.
(Professor Ryan Daniel, Head of School, Creative Arts, James Cook University)


Teaching Survey Feedback - Anonymous NM1402 2009

Teaching Survey Feedback – Anonymous NM1402 2009


Staff Feedback :: Peer Review (June, 2013)

Creative exchange (CXC) currently operates as an excellent example of a true capstone experience, with students well and truly at the centre of the curriculum and the various teaching and learning experiences (CP1). Student feedback is typically very positive in relation to the opportunities that the subject provides for them to bring together and apply all of their learning over the duration of the degree.

Creative Exchange is very well designed and scaffolded, with clear expectations provided to students at all times, including before the semester when they are encouraged to develop project ideas and proposals. An exceptional array of support strategies are provided for students, which includes weekly class time with the lecturing staff, industry feedback panels, access to a pool of experts from different disciplines, as well as access to advisors when team issues arise. The teaching materials which I have engaged with as part of this review are well designed and clear for students to follow. The other examples of teaching guides, feedback reports and emails evidence the enormous effort that has gone into the subject over time. Documentation of the subject requirements including assessment activities is excellent and a good source of examples for future students.

In summary, Mr Goodwin’s commitment to the subject is exemplary. He goes far beyond the call of duty and provides an endless supply of support strategies and feedback systems for students to access. His experience and knowledge of how to run this multidisciplinary capstone makes him an ideal candidate to help lead the roll out of the cross-school version of the subject within the Faculty of Law, Business and the Creative Arts. This represents a significant challenge but also an opportunity for Mr Goodwin to display significant leadership and be a role model to peers.
(Professor Ryan Daniel, Creative Industries, James Cook University)


Teaching Survey Feedback - Anonymous NM1102 2009

Student Teaching Survey Feedback – Anonymous NM1102 2009


Student Feedback :: Creative Exchange NM3104

I loved the hands on experience. It was great to experience the ‘actual’ feel of what it feels like organize and create a project like The Consequence. Unlike other subjects, it is not just about writing an essay or sitting an exam, it shows you what it would be like to enter the real world.” (NM3104 Hall 2012)

We loved the Launch Event, it was a great night for us to showcase our hard work over the semester and also to put our name out there into the community – and as mentioned earlier, it has paid off greatly for us, picking up a lot of work in the aftermath! (NM3104 Gasser 2010)

Brutal initial assessment of groups and projects was incredibly helpful. (NM3104 Anonymous feedback 2010)

It was a lot of hard work but it was really beneficial. Through the pre-production documentation we were able to highlight the challenges we might come across. It also made us extremely conscious of exactly how much time we had, which I think made us work a bit harder. (NM3104 Freihaut 2010)


Teaching Survey Feedback - Anonymous NM1402 2009

Student Teaching Survey Feedback – Anonymous NM1402 2009


Some people had projects which they could pursue as a business after leaving uni. (NM3104 Anonymous feedback 2010)

The launch events were also a great idea as it made students realise what they were capable of achieving for themselves, also made us realise what tools were at our disposal in the wider arts community. The amount of success many groups had from this (enque especially!!!) is testimony enough.  (NM3104 Wheldon 2010)

I wish they had more subjects in my course that were as helpful and well put together. (NM3104 Ryan 2012)

I believe the skills that I have picked up throughout this subject have been crucial to my growth as a designer and have contributed to what I can now present to possible employers. (NM3104 Skinner 2012)

Doing the Creative Exchange was one the best subjects I have done at JCU as it gave me the real life experience of working with a client that unfortunately, the marketing degree doesn’t offer. It also gave me the opportunity to work alongside people of different disciplines, which I feel is particularly important for marketers and graphic designers – as they work together in the workforce quite often. (NM3104 Jackson 2012)


Student Feedback :: Typography for Digital Media NM2402

The enthusiasm with which Mitch taught tended to be contagious which was great at getting everyone involved and most interested in the work. (Anonymous feedback NM2402 2010)

The majority of assessment being practical makes for a far more enjoyable subject and is more ‘realistic’ I would expect. I found it less intensive without having to provide explanations for everything, and being able to put more effort into the final product and design. The lectures were very up to date and interesting, top work here Mitch. (Anonymous feedback NM2402 2010)

There was a lot of freedom within the subject which I found to be really great for our creativity. I think perhaps things could have gone a bit better if we were more aware of how much freedom we really had, as some students didn’t seem to know just how far they could push the boundaries until assignments were already in. I love the effort that has gone in to making this subject exciting and enjoyable for everyone. (Anonymous feedback NM2402 2010)


Statistical Feedback :: Typography for Digital Media NM2402

Teaching Survey analysis  against JCU average for NM2402 2008

Teaching Survey Results – analysis against JCU average for NM2402 2008


Statistical Feedback :: Time Based Media NM3302

Teaching Survey Results - analysis  against JCU average for NM3302 2009

Teaching Survey Results – analysis against JCU average for NM3302 2009

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