Gallery :: Cityscapes

NYC (2013)

In early 2013 I traveled to Austin Texas for the SXSW Interactive Festival in which I was invited to speak on a panel, Warhol Goes Social: Creativity In the Tech Age with artist Laurie Fricke and Christiaan Welzel & David Jones from Critical Mass.  I was then fortunate enough to have studio time in Greenpoint, Brooklyn to write, reflect and wander the crisp late winter streets of Manhattan.

Hong Kong (2005)

In November of 2005 I spent three nights in Hong Kong.  My first time abroad and my first exploration of vertical space with my first DSLR camera. I frequented electronic mega-stores, pondered currency exchange rates, greased my appetite from the steaming pots of street vendors and cleansed my system with a visit to an assortment of bars and “eateries” – a rather haphazard itinerary which was rapidly refined with each passing day: “Whiskey, sir?” “Please, and a Tsingtao to follow.”

As I traversed the business district by day and up the hill to catch World Cup qualifiers at night I lapped up all manner of contemptible conversations with other expats between fits of cigarettes.  I was buzzing – not just from the booze – but the height, the claustrophobia – the heavy money of the glass and the steel.  A strange and surreal experience to be sure.  But with a camera and a stomach full of courage there were patterns, angles and meaning to be found everywhere.

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