Lecture Samples (Slides)

Lecture Samples

Sample Lecture Slides

The following are a  selection of lecture slides archived on Scribd.  These represent a sample from lectures presented for the Media Design program at James Cook University. , Townsville Australia.

Typography Fundamentals ::
The History, Anatomy & Language of Type

Produced for the Media Design course: NM2402 Typography for Still & Dynamic Media, at James Cook University (Townsville Australia). The course is an introduction to basic typography, including the design of a typeface and the deployment of type for print, video and digital media.

Typography Fundamentals ::
Object Type Inspiration

The Techno-Futurist Century (Part A)

Produced for the Bachelor of New Media Arts core subject: NM1000 Introduction to New Media, James Cook University (Townsville Australia). The course provides an overview of communication technologies and art production in the late 20th century.  This two part lecture examines the origins of the Modern art movement and the seeds of network culture that emerged during the Cold War.

The Techno-Futurist Century (Part B)

The Creative Animal Goes Online (2009)

A guest lecture delivered at the Perc Tucker Regional Gallery (Townsville, Australia) and at Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark) in 2009. The presentation looks at the evolution of creative practice in the new millennia tracking back to the beginnings of network culture in the mid 20th century. Key historical moments such as the development of the communication networks for the Apollo 11 TV telecast and the design of ARPANET are dealt with alongside contemporary ideas around device and software convergence, remixing and disruptive media arts practice by artists such as Ubermorgen.


Produced for the Bachelor of New Media Arts core subject: NM1000 Introduction to New Media, James Cook University (Townsville Australia). This lecture examines the traditional forms of sampling, pastiche and montage with a further focus on emergent forms in contemporary music and video such as remixing, the mash-up and the supercut.

Welcome to the Darkness (2010)

Guest lecture developed for the artist seminar component of the exhibition, Tales of the Uncanny, at Artspaced (Townsville, Australia) in 2010. The presentation focuses on the gradual emergence of a dark gothic tone in popular culture. The work developed here became the central thesis of my PhD exergesis, Dark Euphoria : The Neo Gothic Narrative of Millennial Technoculture.

Culture Jam Workshop (2010)

A special presentation developed for visiting art students for the Queensland Artiz program at the artist run initiative Cereal Box, a part of the Renew Townsville Project.  The workshop is designed to dissect the advertising industry and expose the merits and meaning of Adbusters magazine, Banksy, paste-ups and the wider Culture Jam phenomena.  This is followed by an exercise in which students use Photoshop to manipulate images they capture on their mobile phones and place in existing advertorial content gathered via Google Image search.

Visual Syntax (Part 01) and Workshop

Media design lecture adapted for young first time film makers on Visual Syntax. Covering moving image construction techniques such as framing, shot sizes, mise-en-scène, and basic compositional rules for introductory film and video production.  The first of the two lectures is designed to prepare the students to produce a short two hander scene with specific reference to time and place.

Visual Syntax (Part 02)