Lecture Samples (Video)

MG Portfolio - NM1101 Banner 01

Video Lecture Production

The following clips are samples from the video lecture series I produced for the core theory MOOC course NM2020 Creative Media commissioned by James Cook University for delivery in 2017.

These videos are module highlights  from the 2nd year core program that identify and critique the history of new media art production and the wider sociopolitical implications of technoculture from WWI to the early years of the 21st Century.

The Emergence of Technoculture on Vimeo

The Synthesized Image on Vimeo

The Italian Futurists on Vimeo

Imagining the City (Part 03) on Vimeo

Pollock & Rothko on Vimeo

Contemporary Urban Visions on Vimeo

New Media Machines (Part 03) on Vimeo

Seeing Paris and New York on Vimeo

Colour and the Moving Image on Vimeo

Framing History on Vimeo

Framing Modernism on Vimeo

Movement and Form on Vimeo

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